I am Dr Timothy Haines, the Principal of Emulink and an anthropologist of many years’ standing.  I have lived and worked in remote Aboriginal settlements in Western Australia and South Australia, in addition to urban environments.  I have a cultural understanding and sensitivity born of many years’ exposure to a wide variety of issues, both in government service and outside.  I also have extensive experience among Australia’s multicultural community.

As a private, independent consultant, I am available to look at any issue which may require the services of a professional anthropologist.  I can also enlist female anthropologists or other affiliated professionals where necessary to a particular task.

I offer negotiiation and consultation expereience, not only in Australia, but in other countries of the world, such as Indonesia, where mining companies may be seeking negotiation with land-owning communities, together with representatives of central and provincial governments.  With the introduction of new mining legislation in Indonesia early 2008, this may become particularly relevant.  As a speaker of Bahasa Indonesia and an interpreter of Indonesian culltural issues, I can offer a culturally-sensitive service to those seekibng dialogue with Indonesian community groups.
I recently participated in a major tour of Indonesia, covering Jakarta, Surabaya and Denpasar, organised by the Australia Indonesia Business Council (AIBC) and its counterpart organisation, the Indonesia Australia Business Council (IABC).  This tour covered a lot of ground, and enabled useful contacts to be made between Emulink Consultancies and many service organisations seeking anthropological advice in Indonesia.

I hold Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insuranace to AU$5 million and $10 million respectively.